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제   목 : [Foreign orders] Order and request at Kakao Talk
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[Foreign orders] Order and request at Kakao Talk

Order and request at kakao Talk are available both in Enlgish and Korean.


Domestic (For Korean users)

You can order items with a simple Kakao Talk odering form (KakaoTalk oder also provide 5% discount like the phone order.)

### Procedure ###

First, you will have to install the kaKaotalk (pc or mobile verson) (kaKaotalk Iink)

Kakaotalk ID : 반지사랑

1. You can ask simple questions by Kakao Talk and order from the following form

Item name / Gold type : 14k/18k / Gold color / Size for man and woman, or only man and only woman/ additional messages you want to mention

For example ) Gr3020 / 14k / Whole yellow gold / man : 17, woman : 13 / carving inside the ring : KS love~~

2. After that, you will receive the information about the discounted price, bank information and others (We will ask you your name, phone number, shipping address and other things)

(For foreign orders postage is extra.)

3. When receving your payment, we will start to make your ordering items.

4. Before shipping, you will receive the picture of completed items and shiping message.


You can order your items by an On-line, a Mobile, a phone and Kakao Talk in Banjilove.

We've been doing our best with trust and satisfaction of our customers for more than 10 years.

Thank you!
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